Bill Gates’ Microsoft Can’t Simplify Coding Or Who Knows He Can But Hey, Leave It To Macrohard.

One piece that stays missing from the puzzle when it comes to dream-building is programming. There is no doubt that this is the case, especially in our era, where the entire world is reachable via the worldwide web. Where we are our own first audience, it is still essential en-route ‘turning a dream into reality’, that we have a virtual sandbox, one in-where we can rehearse our dreams into fruition; an interface that represents our vision and intention. Such interface usually constitutes of a piece of code.

When such sandbox comes with mirrors in the form of a “community of reputable great minds”, then, that is luxury. In our era, we have this luxury. 

In some locations, dreaming and the whole process of dreaming is dead-harder. The odds are just mountain-large. A sandbox can only hold sway for some time. Instead of such sandbox playing its original goal of inciting creativity, innovation etc, it now becomes mostly a tool, to sustain inspiration, a tool to keep one dreams alive in dream-bits. In these locations, ‘inspiration’ may be just everything. 

In general, dream-building and the art of ‘turning dreams into reality’ isn’t very easy. It’s a puzzle with pieces and one ever-missing piece can slack or even crash the race or marathon.

As mentioned earlier, in many cases, this ever-missing piece is ‘coding’. Being able to code at least, a piece of code.

Well, what i am trying to say is, “this missing-piece should not be so “ever-missing”, especially in this era. 

Everyone should be able to ‘code with swag’ or at the very least ‘understand code’ or at the very least ‘be able to code a measure of code’.

Don’t mind my jargon; hahaha, I am adding in code. 

In deep truth, everyone codes. If you speak a language, you code. If you can tell bingo to sit and it sits, you code. If you can tell Johnny to bring you ‘that red file’ from a filled-shelf, you code. If someone from another location can simply not understand your language, it is because you have coded. If you can’t understand my jargon here, that is perhaps because, i have added some code therein.

And no the tech-geeks can’t simplify coding or maybe they can but hey, leave that to the layman. 

And no, google can’t simplify coding or perhaps, they can but hey, leave that to the google-surpasser

And no, Bill Gates’ Microsoft can’t simplify coding or who knows he can but hey, leave it to Macrohard.

One way to keep your dreams alive in dream-bits, is thru coding. Forget the world for a start. In the face of mountainous odds, code your intentions however draft-like, then look at this particular UI on your browser each day and be made to marvel by what your intentions represents; then, use the inspiration from marveling at what your intention can represent, to further evolve your dreams towards levels of spanlessness and go from there.

Each person regardless of levels of literacy, location, age, gender i.e ‘anyeveryone’, should be able to code a measure of code.

@macrohard’s intention? ‘everyanyone’ should be able to code a measure of code, with SWAG.

Your Boy Terry


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