Cure The Tears With Tears? The Teardrops Smart Media Tokens Won’t Have A WhitePaper; It Will Have A Drafty Simplest-To-Understand “ColorlessPaper”! Not Back Or White.

teardrops smt
teardrops smt

image is a gift from the person of @papa-pepper

TearDrops will be one of the upcoming generations of Smart Media Tokens. It will be a token to crown all my endeavors on steem and one to span (in its use) across 3 steem-based interfaces

  3. A TearDrops interface

We want to serve as means to bring steem to each “human”, (removing to all barriers to entry) by appealing to the soft-spot of every human. We want to create an additional revolutionary use-case for “digital currency” to where every child, celebrity, school-dropout etc can/wants to be represented with it, for the sole fact that they are “human”

We want to create one of the simplest-to-understand whitepapers in existence (ColorlessPaper). We want to create more testimonial breakthroughs in “human”. We want a coin that represents this entire curriculum, for on the route to attaining the awesomest version of human (which is a gift to humanity every and each time), there will be @teardrops involved! 

@tojukaka said: “you have heard of airdrops but have you heard of @teardrops?”

Our Ongoing Drafty @teardrops ColorlessPaper

In reality, @teardrops is a product of an entire curriculum. There is no black/whitepaper. There is a ColorlessPaper! 

For @teardrops, its ColorlessPaper didn’t just started! It started years ago before i even knew about blockchain or steem/steemit. I won’t lie, i have done “life” like crazy and you can very much call it “donkey life” but in the midst of all the mountain of odds, i had a certain special gift from Jehovah.

He gave me a special way to process “suffering”. A very special way!

I never had an ounce of beef for people who were enjoying life and i was able to divert extreme very-unneccessary very-avoidable-suffering into testimonial good use. I was young boy but these were among my gifts.

I disappointed the “probabilities” and became extremely deeply-rootedly unshakenly heartfeltly loving, uncondemning, forgiving etc “Mere dust!”

My eyes where open and i could so see! Then, my mission started to define itself and from that young age, my mission became; “to touch the globe from its outskirts and poke it with awesome truly-happy vibes and lead people to Jehovah our Creator, who would rain on us “tears of joy”.

My love was for billions; “for every & each human”!

But i am only human and mere dust, so i break down. I have been broken for a long time already. My entire tired being however, can’t stop seeking this mission out into fruition. 

I want to tell the world using a “curriculum”, the things about the true state of the world that they still don’t fully grasp. “No beefs involved”. 

There is still so much knowledge unknown to the world, beyond the scope of any “books”. I have not read all the books and i hardly read books but i tell you, there is still a giant lot the world hasn’t come to fully grasp/process about the true state of the world. They can’t place it just yet! 

They seek it and go into outerspace but the answers are right here; “down-to-earth”.

See This:

Video source/credit to: Youtube/TheJakartaPost

Then See This:

video source/credit to: Youtube/PokeMyHeart

Blockchain has come to help reveal some of these things and steem/steemit more expansively because of the presence of reputable great minds (in incessant mind-mining) in it.

@teardrops has a mission of explaining to the world these things as the solution to many of the world’s solve-able problems lie in this sole simple knowledge and not in INTEL from Mars.

The world is going into outerspace; “we want to have them re-tap into human “down-to-earth” 

We will simply create tons of awesomeness together and we will serve this awesomeness to the nations.

There is beauty in the world and so much of it and even amidst the cruelty, that shine; “light”, “good”, “love” “forgiveness” “sympathy” “selflessness” is still in there! The very “human” is still in there. We can certainly re-tap into it!

“We were made in Jehovah image” is a heftily weighty sentence and it incessantly valid!

As i young boy though………

i didn’t very much know how to proceed. I would fantasize then, about getting on an Oprah or Ellen show etc to be given a chance to air out this message (knowledge/special INTEL)

Then the internet came and i tried to apply it as a medium to pass this message out but i was cut short there, due to centralization, location, etc before steemit happened!

As a boy, i couldn’t fix my challenges but i could help immensely with fix that of others. I had a very special understanding of “life” and “humans”. “It wasn’t of my making!”

It was my gift from Jehovah and i identified it early. 

If two brothers became stark enemies upon getting drunk, they would reconcile because i stood in the their centre. (As a young youth)

I spoke to the boys and swities and took care of them. I so wanted to! I had a strong longing to do these things because i saw the “donkey life” and did it and “understood it”. Many more things became forgivable because in my eyes, amidst the “donkey life”, many have already done “time” in the prison of “stark suffering”

(I don’t mean “no food/no money/no cloth etc. Hahaha, that’s child’s play when it comes to real suffering)

Among other things, i had confirmed deeply-rooted love for “humanity” (the brother next to me). This love was unshaken and even a powerful thing “money” couldn’t shake it. 

I was in very materialistic nation, where the average boy has tasted money. And tasting money after intense suffering is a different kind of “taste”.

The reality is i never sought after money because i never thought for once that money won’t seek me. I still don’t have the much of a dime but if you put a lorry-load of pound-sterling before me, i will still be your Boy Terry.

Steemit help matters.

Upon steemit, my first post already had my definition in its undertone; “SurpassinGoogle”:

to touch the globe from its outskirts and poke it with awesome truly-happy vibes and lead people to Jehovah our Creator, who would rain on us “tears of joy”.

“@steemgigs” wasn’t all planned! It was a curriculum that has already existed and was starting to unfold in measures by virtue of the beauty that steemit and it’s community (mirrors) provides. 

Steemit held way more meaning additional meaning to me than the conventional. Among its many beauties, it was my CCTV! It is special, what this particular CCTV holds. 

I re-saw the world on steemit in its truest state and its all there; “we are so dust”.

Basically, “everyone has something to offer” and the @steemgigs mission was to help us not to doubt that and we went ahead with “proof of work” and “proof of concept” starting out with months of effort to build a community under #steemgigs instead of an interface outright.

Then a portion of #steemgigs played out which has always been existent as an innovation idea since years back as a boy; “we are genius!”. While Isaac Newton did the 3 laws of motion, i was busy doing the fourth law:

Hahaha, the untalented curriculum came to life as a branch of @steemgigs, to reward attempts at out-of-the-boxness, for in those attempts (seeming nonsense) is where true/ultimate talent (sense) lies because in this whole process, you are going a bit off-books, off-key and re-tapping into your human and evolving it’s substance

Even talent is not that impressive without the substance of the human, for there are many talents. @surpassinggoogle

Now according to me, your very substance are in the tiniest un-obvious elements of you and going untalented will help you tap into a value these un-obvious facets of you. 

Most of the ever-missing piece to our puzzle is in our “redundant information” and may need a digging or a good diggist! 

Overall, <>untalented aims to mine the other beautifuler facets of the “human” a bit more, by now also rewarding attempts at out-of-the-boxness, rewarding attempts at “forgiveness” (others and self), rewarding attempts at self-sacrificing/selflessness, rewarding each time that we attempt to take charge of our impulses, rewarding the act of “sifting even the not-so-good to find therein”, rewarding the process of learning from flaws, rewarding all levels of/attempts at talents etc

Now, @steemgigs allows you to put all levels of talents to testimonial and historical use, by offering these as a service in creating the dreams of the brother next to you e.g steemians in need etc

Well, while untalented is going to be an ever-ongoing curriculum till we enter into the real physical world and reach the masses with the new breed of awesomeness that we create, we will give hashtag “untalented” a segment on the @steemgigs interface that is being developed on

Then, https://surpassinggoogle will hold a very special type of steem-based interface, that will attempt to even-obliviously turn each human into a celebrity. I foresee it as going to be one of the most fun interfaces to occur on steem for the fresh unconventional curriculum it will bring. At the same time, this interface will be designed to improve the content-discovery/content-curation challenges on steem, that many have talked about etc

Then a final interface will be a simple @teardrops interface that will hold testimonies of breakthroughs from all around the world!

  • with Teardrops; aim is to mine the human a bit more!
  • so beyond the reputation paradigm on steemit, we will add more paradigms
  • create balance by making each human a celeb 
  • it has all been there inside 
  • even the love and care and genius 
  • we will mine these things 
  • when you mine these thing, there will be @teardrops involved 

Note: the just-above list is an unedited draft!

When the @teardrops Smart Media Tokens are ready to go, we will like to use these tokens across these steem-based interfaces. 

One token, 3 steem-based interfaces!

For “proof of brain” “proof of work” “proof of work” etc, Steemit/Steem/SMT holds all proof. See:

While steemit is modeled to incentivize “mining with minds” with a reputation paradigm to keeps morals in check, we add other paradigm to the “mining” as we attempt to “mine the human” a bit more, to improve in our substance and work towards the awesomest version of “human”, which is a gift to humanity every and each time, any which way you look at it!

To become like me, you will have stubbornly be the awesomest version of YOU.

Humanity is the brother next to YOU. 


Your Boy Terry

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Additional Proof Of Tears Drawn Out By @papa-papper 

Nearly brought a tear to my eyes” – @cryptohustlin

i cant imagine how white your heart is, the world need people like you.. i never cry like this before” – @crackdown

your awesome @papa-pepper I want to follow you from now on and support your future blog… Your kind and generosity are one of a kind…may God bless you and your family… my tears is dropping when writing this… Long-lived, my friend…” – @hiroyamagishi

I can see the intensity and passion in your eyes, you made me cry, but in a good way. ” – @road2wisdom

Stop I’m only at 3:00 mins and I’m crying. Bless you… it’s good to cry it shows that we are human and care for others.” – @duanesworld

I cried when I watched this video” – @oleg326756

You just made me cry with this video!” – @cryptodog

The pain in your eyes made me cry.” – @knowledge1

“That actually has me tearing up right now.” – @jonny-clearwater

I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

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Let’s Go!!!

Offer a service under hashtag “steemgigs”. Attempt out-of-the-boxness on hashtag (untalented).

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“Everyone has something to offer!” Why not?

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