TearDrops SMT -“Proof Of Tears”- The Best Curated “A Tear Now Has Value” From Humans Across The Globe #12

teardrops smt
teardrops smt

“Tears” have always ever been a symbol of human and drops of it is always created from a place of beauty

I know how many tears i have teared and i know how many tears you have teared and just how many tears humanity has teared and good or not-so-good tears should have value because in reality they do/did, for Jehovah keeps these tears in a skin-bottle at the very least.

@teardrops didn’t just start
It is historical history, that an imaginary coin (smart media token) is already hitting the exchanges. Hahaha, [email protected]; “you and me”.

@teardrops is still an imaginary smart media token but my precious brothers and swities here on steemit are valuing it and loving it and loving me in return and exchanging and i tell you, this is historical. It is a beauty to watch!

The @teardrops colorlesspaper is filling up quickly and gosh, no “black or white” involved; just “human”. It is historical.

With @teardrops SMT, we will evolve something that restores special value to every and each tear drop. We will be able to use @teardrops tokens to dry up many tears and perhaps, replace them with a new breed of tears: we will add more “tears of joy”.

The Curation: A Tear Now Has Value # 12

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Welcome to the edition The curation A Tear Now Has Value # 12, in this edition, 30 wonderful Steemians are rewarded with extra exposure and ascending votes to create inspiration and add tears of enjoyment.

@noime¡Happy birthday to Alexa! Image on the coverToday is a very special day: “POEM FOR ALEXANDRIA” – My Daughter , Happy Birthday my Child!
@cutirenskeiLife: ” I grow up with people who have many expectations from me! And they usually compare me with the others…But as time passed by, the joy that I felt in meeting those expectations from me was replaced by loneliness, fear of disappointing others and especially most disappointing myself.”My Teardrops of Being Perfectonist that leads to Disappointment
@greatwarrior79Steemit: “Do a favor to our community!as i do if im blessed here in steemet i will help also as @surpassingoggle as well. So i recommend @steemgigs to vote as witness of steemit for our own good as steemer!” She is our cover imageLET US SUPPORT STEEMGIGS !
@samalLife: “I got to be told about steemit at the tail end of 2017,but finally at the end of January 2018 I joined the community, perhaps I would have joined almost immediately when I got to be told about it…But then a problem surfaced, I had no gadget to push to me to sign in, I had no PC , I had no smart phone( it got stolen about 5months before I eventually joined). You care to know how got to own a phone, check it out briefly…”We Do Need To Be Encouraged- Steemit Future
@saskiaBlog-Life: “I cannot say I perfectly balance my time or manage it with no flows. But I have my ways on how I deal with it and made it somehow work smoothly. I will also share it here so maybe to those who are having trouble on balancing their time may also apply it.”Busy life and Balancing time: Struggles and How I manage it.
@glorimarIntroduceyourself: “Hello community of steemit my name is glorimar ostos I live in maracay venezuela, I am a pharmacy assistant, and thank God I am blessed of the beautiful family…”Hola comunidad de Steemit
@dubem-euBlog : James Goodfellow developing the PIN (Personal Identification NumberJames Goodfellow; the Genius Who Reshaped the Banking System
@julietisraelLife: I learned this after so many lessons…Time waits for no man. Learn to take action immediately.Time waits for no man
@smartcarthyBlog: “How long will you continue to mimic and live the life of others? How long will you allow people to occupy the driver’s seat of your life? Think about it. We all have a limited time on earth. In order to make impact, you ought to take charge of your life.”The driver’s seat
@ortorres1123Life: “To the woman who stood alongside me even when I am at my most stupid state. To the one who understands me even when I cannot even understand myself.”You Are The One
@johnclyde12PhotographyVanilla twilight
@joel1220PhotographyThursday/Jueves: Green/Verde: Arbol de Tamarindo.
@delran1894WritingA mother’s love
@lunamysticaWritingA Minnow Finally Found A Family
@thelonewordPoetryPULL OF GRAVITY
@alvibokz15PhotographyPower Nap: A sad story for a Kid.
@jejesWriting and ArtTEARDROPS: A MOTHER’S LOVE
@magdnrobinsonWritingI tried……i tried….
@prettyashleyLifeMy mother’s funny contest’s entry.
@betbetLifeMy Untalented Dabarkads
@flowlikewateralLife#teardrops for God is Good for the Heart and Soul
@ligaraykArt: DrawingPokémon – “Cubone, the lonely pokemon
@thidaratapplePoetryMy Beloved – A Poetry Dedicated to Teardrops
@michaelcabilesPoetryWhen You And Me Collide
@steemit-fairyArt: digital logoTeardrop Media Token Logo -2
@lornerArt:DrawingTeardrops For the Community
@morbyjohnPoetry“Kung Kailan na Ako’y Malaya na”, Filipino-Poetry
@noimeMemeME, when I saw @surpassinggoogle upvote my post.

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Please visit some of these publications and check the posts of other users on the tag #teardrops, because there will always be someone there who needs your help, a hug, a kind word, a voice of encouragement.

Your Boy Terry


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