TearDrops SMT -“Proof Of Tears”- The Best Curated “A Tear Now Has Value” From Humans Across The Globe #33

My witness name is “steemgigs”.
Many have a bit of confusion when attempting to vote for my witness and tend to put in “surpassinggoogle” in the witness box.
I knew this was likely to happen from the very beginning. Yes, @surpassinggoogle is the more popular of both accounts but i wanted my witness (steemgigs) to represent things bigger than me; “us!”

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“Tears” have always ever been a symbol of human and drops of it is always created from a place of beauty

I know how many tears i have teared and i know how many tears you have teared and just how many tears humanity has teared and good or not-so-good tears should have value because in reality they do/did, for Jehovah keeps these tears in a skin-bottle at the very least.

@teardrops didn’t just start. It is historical history, that an imaginary coin (smart media token) is already hitting the exchanges. Hahaha, [email protected]; “you and me”.

@teardrops is still an imaginary smart media token but my precious brothers and swities here on steemit are valuing it and loving it and loving me in return and exchanging and i tell you, this is historical. It is a beauty to watch!

The @teardrops colorlesspaper is filling up quickly and gosh, no “black or white” involved; just “human”. It is historical.

With @teardrops SMT, we will evolve something that restores special value to every and each tear drop. We will be able to use @teardrops tokens to dry up many tears and perhaps, replace them with a new breed of tears: we will add more “tears of joy”.

The Curation: A Tear Now Has Value # 33


Welcome to the edition The curation A Tear Now Has Value # 33, in this edition, 30 wonderful Steemians are rewarded with extra exposure shared through our account, and ascending votes to create inspiration and add tears of enjoyment.

@lebron2016Life: She will soon have her medical appointment, which will shed light on her illness and treatment. There are difficulties for her trip to this appointment, but she knows that she will achieve it. Cover imageI’M A MINNOW BUT WHALE AT HEART…
@mavicalipdaLife:She tells us that she never had the opportunity to share with her father, so every April 3, the date of her father’s birth, she sent him cards but she never knew if he read them, she tried to contact him without success. She still does not lose hope of being able to share some time with the man who gave her life.Birthdays Never Forgotten
@dionardronquilloLife: Shares with us his story of heartbreak and tears of sadness, now his attitude is of acceptance and learning.That Moment : teardrops
@ashley4uLife: She is a great girl and in her blog you will find beautiful drawings; she tells us that she felt tired and depressed for a couple of days, then her tears flowed. Now she feels a little better. It would be very good if you visit.Feeling so tired !!
@mashiliyanageWriting: The author tells us about emotions and the importance of letting them flow properly to prevent them from becoming “a rubber ball that hits you” incessantly.Bottled up feelings : It’s better to let them out
@smartcarthyWriting: The author shares with us his reflection about the attitude, it must be chosen, programmed and controlled. Based on the book of Keith Harrell .A Review of Chapter two of Keith Harrell’s Attitude is Everything
@franklinolasWriting: The author tells us about the decisions and actions taken by young people have a significant impact on their future life.BATTLE FOR THE YOUNG..
@yenipaolaCulture: in this blog you will find some beautiful samples of Colombian crafts.El mundo de las artesanías
@steemcebuanosLife: Your experience at the SM Seaside Cebu restaurantBIBIMBAP FOOD TRIP
@peakrealPromoting SteemitAlso about Enugu Audition
@yennaridoLifeLife Experience Of Province,Short Vacation
@saefanWritingA Tear Song
@dranrenFood: RecipeFilipino Dish: Our Version of “Pink Salmon Sour Soup”
@sweetchaFood: Recipe“PALABOK” Pinoy Noodle Dish
@carlo1974WritingMissin’ Home (A Poem for the Place where I Belong)
@racheleeciousPoetryTula ng Pasasalamat – “Sir Terry Ajayi
@lifeofdarlingtonWritingThe saddest story I’ve ever come across
@summer14PhotographyB&W Photo Contest ~ Theme ~ Flowers
@amliv08PhotographyB&Wphotocontest theme flower
@cebuvibesFood photographySilogan ni Gian – Beef Tapa with Egg
@antonioperuArt: colored pencilsART ART Step by step explanation of my Golden Freezerm painting
@visabellaDrawingMy illustration @teardrops
@gottygnvDrawingMy illustration for @teardrops @surpassinggoogle
@eesu03Digital artMy illustration @teardrops
@gary.nunezDrawingMy illustration for @teardrops
@mayraro05DrawingMy illustration for @teardrops
@alfrednoyedDrawingMi ilustración @teardrops
@ashley4uDrawing‘Entry for Artstorm Contest #18 – Flowers in Your Hair’


Please visit some of these publications shared from our account and interact with each other, there is always someone who needs your help, a voice of encouragement, a testimony of life to be heard, or you can enjoy a work of art, a poetry, a craft, a tutorial, an inspiring message, get a rare knowledge etc.

Your Boy Terry


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I do need strength

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