The Birth Of Ulogs. “You Are A Celebrity, So Why Not Just Ulog?” No Video Camera; No Problemo, No Vlogging Or Blogging Expertise, You Can Try Ulogging.

Let me tell you something; “for the “forever” that constituted the time before the advent of steemit, the internet was boring”. I have used it for decades and yes, it was boring. 

For ages, i have looked to reshape it, then steemit came along, giving us just this luxury and you know the amazing thing? We can do it everyday.

And we will!

The birth of Ulogs

Yes “YOU”, is what’s pertinent and media formats e.g Vlogs, no-cameras, shyness etc should pose no barrier to you extending “YOU” to us and to the world, ever-constantly; tirelessly. 

You are celebrity and we your fan.

Ulogs are ever-handy

Again, the internet has been boring for a long time. Alot of what it has contained before the advent of steemit, has been recycled information. Ever-existing resources have been re-used and used and have gain prominence and ranking over time and have stayed relevant in the search engines. 

Well, people are more incentivized thus, to celebrate others, forgetting themselves in the mix because even in the real world of the inanimate internet, “fictional superman” has come to have more value.

“Blacky the cat” can have its meme all over reddit, while “human” is told to scram off for being from a certain IP location.

Before steemit began to serve the search engines and refresh it, google was beginning to be very predictable. You practically was starting to know what google will provide you with, even before you type in your search keywords and it tires you because, the information in the last decade has been all of the same e.g you know that if you search, “how to earn money online”; you will get; “affiliate market”, “paid-to-click”, “e-commerce”, “surveys” etc 

Hahaha and google isn’t really smartening up. Type in the word “money” and it won’t even at least provide you the address to the nearest ATM. 

Type the word “face” and it will present you “facebook”.

Facebook too, is simply buying the masses and its behavior. They cover grounds quickly, buying everything with masses e.g Whatsapp, Instagram etc 

Then, Mark can decide to throw Bergs at you at will, Zucking you out of your dream-bits.

The steem blockchain allows us to take full charge of who we are; play it out and rehearse and evolve it into true awesomeness. 

Google can’t keep using our cookies to know us more than we know ourselves, keeping us handicapped in our knowledge about them, thus, having a substantial measure of control over us. They can’t keep influencing us, for now the steem blockchain allows us to create beautiful disruption; feeding the internet and the search engines incessantly with ever-dynamic, fresh version of content that fully constitutes “us”. 

The internet was easily becoming predictable and boring thus. It was losing out on the freshness and uniqueness of “human” and “human’s very own unadulterated experience”. 

The “trends” rule. Vlogs rule! Vines rule! We simply shape up because before we know it, the internet obliviously picks up on our habits and knows just what to offer us. 

We need new stories. Heartfelt experiences. Dynamism. Not too many crypto-kitties. Not to many pugs. More humans. We want real!

We will put the steem blockchain to full use in this regard henceforth, birthing Ulogs. Yes, we will keep logs of our own beauty each day and watch it evolve. Well, we will consciously evolve each day and pay attention to our very evolution. We will not let a day emptily slip by without celebrate and lives and us.

Then, we will celebrate ourselves before the entire world as the “celebrities” that we are.

There is nothing as fresh in terms of content as “pieces of us”. It is dynamic, fresh, unique, rare. And no two days are exactly the same, for we accrue experiences, new moments, new adventures etc. We aspire new resolutions and fail and succeed and succeed overall, by virtue of the gift of life and this we will document celebratorily on the steem blockchain.

Basically, we will start a movement here on steem, using solely our steemit posts to create our Ulogs, before we decide on moving forward onto a steem-based interface. You don’t have to be a Vlogger! 

You don’t need to have a camera and the right selfie-stick or right poutty-lips etc to document or record your awesomeness each day, for you have your very handy, ever-present memory, hearts and minds. 

You can record all that happened each day; all that involves “you”, in entire steemit posts, whether you were able to create a Vlog or not, because its all about “Ulogs” now.

Basically, we will want to infuse more of awesome YOU into the entire internet, reshaping it altogether by means of steemit. We want to hear your unique stories each day. 

On the steem blockchain, you can be afford to keep your privacy too even while you Ulog, so no worries. You can document “YOU” using your steemit posts, without being too frontal. In every case, you can be sure that the YOU will shine forth.

When you ulog or carry out the art of ulogging, you are a ulogger and many of you are uloggers

In another post, we will draft the format and flow of how each posts should look. Basically, within each of these Ulog posts, we will grow and shine. We will tackle life as it comes, reveal our reaction to stimuli, our decision-making, our new-found knowledge etc both to evolve as humans and to touch the world positively, inspiring it with our beauty. 

We will look to inspire as many of these Ulog posts as possible by means of curation and based on feedback, we consider moving on to a steem-based app. 

Overall, we want to create fresh content each day, each involving YOU. 

Ulogs are simply steemit posts containing logs of YOU, whether it be Vlogs, picture moments, stories, plain text write-ups or a combination of all forms of media etc. Any steemit posts that records your daily activities; celebrating “YOU” and life. 

We will create a style guide in a subsequent post, to direct you on how to format your Ulogs well. Ulogs don’t have to be perfect. They simple need to be real and utmostly “YOU”. 

The “U” in “Ulog” represents “YOU”.

We want to document daily, every moment that constitutes you. People will have breakthroughs as a result of YOU and the information about “YOU”, that you dispense using your Ulogs. 

At the end each Ulogger would have created something; a gift to the world; evidence that you were here; a book etc. 

We will reshape the very Internet and sway it with fresh pieces of you. Google can’t know you more than “you” any longer. You aren’t cookies. You will take charge and together we will surpass Google.

Prepare to do your very first Ulog soonest. 

Remember, with Ulogs, you will no longer ever be short of things to post about. Posting will instantly become an additional means to evolve as a person and an art of fun as well as each day comes with its own adventures; “”YOU” in them”. 

Let’s remove all barriers to entry and make content-creation on steemit a means to shine; “a means to fly”. 

We lit!!!

Follow @ulogs for everything “YOU”.

Use #ulogs or #ulog if you end up writing a Ulog. However, try to wait for our update style guide post before you proceed.

This account will feature and curate Ulogs!!!

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