The #ulog Movement – A Core Aspect Of The Teardrops SMT Ecosystem: Become A ULOGGER Today! We Can Refresh The Entire Internet.

Please digest this post and this post and like me, join in and become a Ulogger today.

If you aren’t able to read those posts just yet, then, let me re-tell you something: 

“for “the forever” that constituted the time before the advent of steemit, the internet was boring”. I have used it for decades and yes, it was boring. For ages, i have looked to reshape it, then steemit came along, giving us just this luxury and you know the amazing thing? 

We can do it everyday. 

And we will!

Thus, @ulogs was born and the art of Ulogging or creating Ulogs.

Visit @ulogs as it will keep a repository of #ulogs and celebrate ULOGGERS.

Well, due to that state of the internet mention just above, people felt more incentivized, to celebrate others, forgetting themselves in the mix because even in the real world of the inanimate internet, “fictional superman” has come to have more value.  

“Blacky the cat” can have its meme all over Reddit, while “human” is told to scram off, for being from a certain IP location.

The internet was easily becoming predictable and boring thus. It was losing out on the freshness and uniqueness of “human” and  “humans’ very own unadulterated experience”. 

The “trends” ruled. Vlogs ruled! Vines ruled! 

We simply shaped up because before we know it, the internet obliviously picks up on our habits and began knowing just what to offer us. 

Steemit came along but even with the advent of steemit; “humans” it took, to shape it.

However, to shape steemit beautifully, we would have had to understand the expanse of its span-less beauty. This in itself is a feat.

We will put the steem blockchain to full use in this regard henceforth, birthing Ulogs. Yes, we will keep logs of our own beauty each day and watch it evolve. Well, we will consciously evolve each day by means of our Ulogs and pay attention to our very evolution. We will not let a day emptily slip by without celebrate lives and us. 

Then, we will celebrate ourselves before the entire world as the “true celebrities” that we are.

Basically, we will want to infuse more of awesome “YOU” into the entire internet, reshaping it altogether by means of your Ulogs. We want to hear your unique stories each day.   

Overall, we want to create fresh content each day, each involving YOU

Ulogs are simply steemit posts containing logs of YOU; whether it be Vlogs, picture-moments, stories, plain-text, write-ups or a combination of all forms of media etc. 

Any steemit posts that records your daily activities; celebrating “YOU” and life are “Ulogs” and Ulogs don’t have to be perfect! They  simple need to be real and utmostly “YOU”.  

The “U” in “Ulog” represents “YOU”.

We want to document daily, every moment that constitutes you. People will have breakthroughs as a result of YOU and the information about “YOU”, that you dispense using your Ulogs. 

At the end, each Ulogger would have created something; a gift to the world; a legacy, evidence that you were here etc. 

We will reshape the very Internet and sway it with fresh pieces of  you. Google can’t know you more than “you”, any longer. 

You aren’t cookies. 

You will take charge and together we will surpass Google.

Let’s remove all “barriers to entry” and make content-creation on steemit a means to shine; “a means to fly”.  

We lit!!!

Creating a Ulog is EASY. Becoming A Ulogger Is Free.

#ulog started hours ago and we are fast approaching some 100 ULOGS

See some very simple yet fun and beautiful Ulog samples:  

Also note: When you are ULOGGING, add “#ulog” to start your title. There can be many variations to this:

  • e.g #ulog (Day 1): Title…
  • etc

Ulogs makes writing at least a steemit post daily as easy as 1,2,3 and as difficult as x,y,z.

Beyond that though, Ulogs are many other “beautiful things”:

  • The “U” in “Ulogs” represents “YOU”
  • With ULOGS, “YOU”, is what’s pertinent and media formats e.g no-Vlogs, no-cameras, shyness etc should pose no barrier to you extending “YOU” to us and to the world, ever-constantly; “tirelessly”.   
  • With ULOGS, “you are celebrity and we your fans”. 
  • With Ulogs, you now have at least one steemit post idea daily, that constitutes YOU. “No longer, should there be a day, that the world is starved of your beauty”. 
  • With ULOGS, “no longer should a day emptily slip by, without “your shine” in it. 
  • With ULOGS, want you to shine. We want you to lit the steem blockchain and shake it with your beauty.
  • With your ULOGS, we will create a fresh trend for #ulog/#ulogs on the entire web-space, filling it with the indispensable awesomeness called; “human”; steemhuman; “steemians”. 
  • ULOGS: Each dayand “YOU” in it; carries it’s own freshness. So, not a day aren’t we capable of re-shaping the entire internet with a piece of freshness.
  • By means of our Ulogs, we will be creating historical history by reshaping the internet; surpassing Google in the process.
  • With ULOGS: “No longer should there be a day, when we can’t add value to the steem blockchain”. No more will there be a day on the steem blockchain, when you can say, “i don’t have a steemit post idea.  
  • With ULOGS; “we will keep us ever-present on the web-space; opening us ever-incessantly to opportunities; “even breakthrough opportunities”
  • By means of our ULOGS; “our kids and generations yet unborn will read of us and know that we were here each day, evolving in our substance, so that we can leave them legacies behind.  
  • By means of our ULOGS, we will have fun; fly; shine. 
  • The world and its toughness can deaden and relegate “our shine” into remoteness and forgotten-ness;by means of the steem blockchain (OUR ULOGS), we want to use each day, to recover some of “our shine” back. 
  • And if we have lost our shine completely, we will gradually restore it using each ULOG and begin to shine again, like the “true celebrities” that we are: “light in the tunnel”.  
  • ULOGS: Learning; especially learning about yourself; is the ultimate earning
  • The essence of the #ULOGS movement is to remove “barriers  to entry”, when it comes to “mining the human”, using each content-blog that we create.  
  • You can be Ulogger and “all that’s needed is “YOU” and each day and this we will celebrate”. 
  • ULOGS: There is nothing as fresh (in terms of content) as “pieces of us”. It is dynamic, fresh, unique, rare. And no “two days” are exactly the same, especially with “You” in it, for we accrue experiences, new moments, new adventures etc. We aspire new resolutions each day and fail and succeed and “succeed overall”, by virtue of “the gift of life” and this we will document all these celebratorily on the steem blockchain using our ULOGS 

“The World Needs To Hear From You. Even Steemit Is Calling!” Now, You Can Answer. Create A Ulog. Become a Ulogger Today.

Why ULOGs? Why not trendy VLOGs?

“Everyone can be ULOGGER! 

Not everyone can be VLOGGER. Well, not everyone can pout lips right.

Why ULOGs?

Ulogs are not for celebrities. Ulogs are for “true celebrities”.

We need new stories. Heartfelt experiences. Dynamism. Not too many crypto-kitties. Not too many pugs. More “humans”. 

We want real! 

Overall, we will create a trend with #ulog worldwide, with a new trend of ULOGGERS emanating round the globe. 

A world filled with many more of the “awesomest version of “YOU(s)” each day”, is a much better world. @surpassinggoogle 

World Adjustment!!!

How Can You Support Our Growing Number Of Uloggers?

Click here and curate, engage, learn, connect, encourage, inspire as many ULOGS as you can daily.

Tips For Uloggers?

Digestthis post, to understand our style-guide.

Too, don’t lose your freedom, yourself or change entirely your normal steemit routine because you can now Ulog. 

A Ulog is an ever-existing option, that allows you to be able to post on steemit each day.

The art of Ulogging is a conscious effort on your part to adjust the world by using your steemit blog to evolve in your substance each day, which is bound to impact positively on others.

  •  You can use either #ulog or #ulogs and 4 others tags that you would normally use. Remember to please add #ulog, to start your ULOG title.
  • Please help make it easy for us by keep it one #ulog a day and may it only be Ulogs.

We will look to inspire as many valid Ulogs as we can each day but note that in our case “votes” (if they arrive) will constitute its very true essence; i.e “love; incessant-testimonies-of-possibilities; lasting-lasting-inspiration and a-celebration-of-you etc; moreso than financial rewards or a measure of quality. 

Many things involving “you”, including content related to “You”; is priceless

If you have tags related to your location, that opens you up to more exposure e.g #philippines #nigeria  #venezuala #aceh #usa #canada #greece #germany etc please maintain those tags too, so that you don’t lose out on possible curation from those community curators there.  

Also note the since Ulogs involve you and events in your day, “your location” may very much be involved, constituting a valid tag

On the @ulogs account, we look to maintain a repository of interesting #ulogs, featuring and giving Uloggers additional exposure.

Important Note

Each of my activity on steemit, down to my very simple-looking blog-posts, is part of a curriculum modeled to bring about “real world adjustment”

We aren’t going to outer-space for answers; we aren’t jumping onto the nth complexest solutions first; we are trying the simplest obviousest solutions first; we are coming back down-to-earth. 

Much of this solution, lies in restoring real celebrity-hood to YOU. 

All i have kept doing is simply using the spanless beauty of the steem blockchain and an entire curriculum (no books involved), to simply remove “all barriers to entry” and create a paradigm that mines every beautiful virtue of human, putting us in singing mode (off-key or on-key) to the glorious tune; “we were created in Jehovah’s image”.

@ulogs is one other means to remove “all barriers to entry”.

Remember un(dis)talented? That was one of them too! 

Eliminate bum, average, smart and we are genius

Remember SteemGigs and 

“Everyone has something to offer”.(Make each one a SteemGigger (Dream-builder) and we can build every noble dream)

Remember Teardrops

Reward “proof of tears”. Make each one a true celebrity; “ladders climbed, breakthrough attained; tears dropped”. “Very human”. Then, celebrate each one with the Teardrops Smart Media token (Colorlesspaper)

Remember SteemSecrets

Make everyone whale inside.

Remember Macrohard?

If Bill Gates made Microsoft, we make Macrohard? 

Fade the world-renown notion of developing or developing nations by coding steem innovations with swag, adjusting the world from nations that they call “developing” etc

It is all tied to one entire curriculum; “SurpassingGoogle”; to be played out using 3 steem-based websites and we will climax with the celebratory, “teardrops token”, with which we will celebrate each human; breakthrough; “true celebrities”.

An ever-ongoing climax.

Have a tiny glimpse here!!!

It is the a slow journey. The harder route but the testimonial harder route. This is my route!

I value too preciously, “everyone” as you follow me on this route. However slow, we are headed somewhere and this particular journey is different because “no books involved” and there is light inside the tunnel.

I love steem. 

I want to grow it too. 

Thus, each of my tiny-looking blogs and endeavors on steem since day one, has had this (steem-growth-paradigm) in its model. 

Yes, even each of my blog has a model, because each of my blog is “”my dreams” kept alive in dream-bits, rehearsing into fruition”. 

With @ulogs, we take the same approach. Serve the search engines with more steemit blogs showcasing “human” and organically appeal to the soft-spot of every human (non-steemian) as they surf the internet and find steemit, only to join because they have found “home”

Just hours long and the #ulog movement has begun and tons of #ulogs are popping up and it is such beauty.

We want to create a trend on the entire internet with keyword #Ulog. Thus, let’s begin the fun with the following simple definitions:

  • Ulogger: You, who creates a ULOG.
  • Ulogging: The fun art of creating ULOGS
  • Ulogs: A bunch of ULOGS
  • Uloggist: An adept Ulogger, who just love to gist, gist, gist. (Hahaha)
  • Uloggeologist: A ULOGGER who simply relishes finding gem
  • Uloggeographer: A ULOGGER who likes to cover ground around Mama Earth.
  • Ulog: A daily steemit blog post that documents and celebrates everything that constitutes U; “YOU”.
  • etc

Oh, i am not celebrity, why should people pay attention to my Ulogs?

Well, you are celeb to me. 

At the very least you can tell Bingo to sit and it will sit.

My #ulog (#1): I re-loved us.

Most times, my posts are born out of responsibility based on the state of the steem community. For the most part though, at the core of these responsibility is sheer deep love. 

Ofcourse, i love humans, so much of my days involve a lot of “thinking” about “humans”

I also think alot of how to grow steem because it helps humans and humans are on it. 

So basically, that happened today too. I don’t sleep much. I tried to lay in bed, to get rest at least. 

By this means, i manage to recuperate a bit and perhaps, this is how i keep on alive. 

The so-called bed-time has loads of thoughts in it though. Well, i think of different things; peer into different things; answer many questions, visit the hearts of many individuals. Note: i have been doing this since age 13, more than a decade before i found steemit. So, this is me for you.

You may not know it, but everyday, i think of you. ULOGS happened as i was thinking of YOU.

On this day, while in bed; “eyes closed”, i thought of #ulog in the true expanse of its beauty and foresaw it, down to “when it becomes “something””. These innovation ideas don’t take days to create in my case. It takes split seconds. It comes like a calling.

My entire definition and being, is already very-well defined and unshaken and it is one and the same “SurpassingGoogle” and very much involves knowledge of life, humans, donkey-life, and very rare knowledge gift to me from above etc “no books” involved. 

So all i do is spend split seconds “loving” a little more, then in my head craft the puzzle, then build on it in my head limitlessly. 

Now, “inspiration” is dead scarce in my case. In creating these ideas, not a physical soul to turn to. 

“Steemit” is the sandbox and steemit and its community is very much online. 

So, if the thinking process starts while i am in bed and i conclude the entire picture on there, because “sleep itself is scarce”, i may not stand up to write or draft something out (for memory sake). 

Hahaha, even, if i craft the best killer slogans for the an idea, i may end up choosing to stay in bed and re-craft and build the whole idea on the spot when i am up, using my very next steemit blog post.

So, i came here and wrote about @ulogs some more.

You can say, i spent today “lying down” for the most part. In bed, i checked steemit now and then to curate #ulog and other tags, leave comments etc. I also checked my chats to support those who appear to need inspiration. 

Hahaha, you can say i didn’t do much today.

Well, I didn’t eat much either, so “no busy” moment, you would still say.

Hahaha. Doubt it!

There is one more thing; apart from tending to my chats, i looked at the SteemGigs discord server settings to see if i can figure out how to the enhance the voice chats as i have plans for the next discord talk show to be on this Saturday or Sunday. 

I also thought of the format for the show and tried to contact possible steemians who can help. 

I really am keen on making the SteemGigs community on discord one of the most active servers on Mama Earth in preparation for the future. 

It is approaching 4,500 steemians and now is a good time.

I have loads of rare knowledge to dispense and i will like to share it. I will like to gradually celebrate each one. 

I want the entire world to know that at the very-very-very least, they have one hearty loving fan

Your Boy Terry

Join the community HERE!!! 


Note: The next edition of 5 SteemHumans; 5 Questions; 10 Pieces of Advice” will resume again really soon. If you missed the first one, this is it:   

We are seeking coders/developers to help, by means of or direct contributions. I would like to invite all  coders/developers, to show up on our SteemGigs development channel.

Kindly visit and use our steem-based website today

Note that on SteemGigs, “everyone has something to offer”. At the very least, you can update your profile on our website to open yourself up to more potential possibilities and improve your  general reputation even within the steemit community.  

To create awesome steemit posts, try our “un(dis)talented editor”

Read our detailed FAQ & Answers  

I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine “steemgigs”, it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit and type in “steemgigs” into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit and type in “surpassinggoogle” in the second box for proxy.              

Let’s Go!!!

Offer a service under hashtag “steemgigs”. Attempt out-of-the-boxness on hashtag (untalented).  Join the Steemgigs Community on discord:  

“Everyone has something to offer!” Why not?

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