Ulog & Teardrops: Life Can Turn Love Into Mere Feelings And Mere Feelings In Nothingness. We Love Still. (unedited)


Things are tough. From yesterday to today was hospital and me doing episodes of things, that I did with my mum for 16 days before she passed but this time with my dad. 

Words are pretty weak; thoughts can be too; reality is something else. 

My dad is calmer now and in the hospital but we will gradually go home on this one. It is tough.

I dislike tests and all. I won’t do them for myself. My dad has to and I wait. We wait. Some results came and we will do some more.

He is a sweet man; I love him but this very love-breed is very complicated. Yes love aint feelings; it is dead stronger, for feelings can be weak too and short of love (in its weightiness). 

Yes, you can love even where feelings die because you have become about loving, feelings or no feelings.

I love him. I feel everything for him  about him; I miss him but I am still not able to love him well/right or is there a right or wrong way to love, if it is love still?

So yes love is beyond feelings because feelings are weak in comparison but when it reall boils down to it, love can fall weak to because life in this system of things is something else.

It is not Mathematics but its all complicated and yes, geeks can solved this because it is not Mathematics and yes, their complicated stuff without solutions in the books. 

It is all complicated, till Paradise comes and answers it all. 

I wish my dad knew me. I wish he can come to know me, the beautiful son he created. My entire tired being feels this beauty and it is beautiful. I miss him alot. I do want to talk to him andI tell him of the beauty his was core in. He can’t see but he has abilities, for just if he hears it, his cute large ears will process it and in his mind’s eyes, he will see it.

He wants Phd for me, till date. Even in his world, he calls himself the “prayer warrior for the entire world”. We share a dream but in different era(s).

I so love him because every time is see him, I see him but is my love strong enough? “It used to be so powerful” but life takes alot of its toll and suddenly, my love that I feel will move mountains, isn’t even moving. Like half human I start to watch as they pumped on her frail frame till she was gone for real and now, I am watching all over again?

No to this one!

No to this one!

This particular man will be back home, his mind back in the right place and I will speak to the man that bore like a son and we will see where we are at and we will share large smiles.

I will tell him of the teardrops SMT, the ever-ongoing bus-stop where will reward every tear. 

I will tell of https://ulogs.org and about true celebrity-hood for everyone, once and for all.

I will tell him https://steemgigs.org that will build every noble dream.

Then ofcourse, I will tell him of Surpassing Google, his boy Terry.

Your boy Terry


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